Fix Paintball Guns

Fix your paintball gun and get back in the game today!

Paintball guns are complicated pieces of equipment with numerous moving parts, and a variety of areas at which failure could take place. However, there are a series of simple steps that will fix all but the worst of your paintball gun problems. This article teaches novice gunsmiths fix virtually all all paintball gun problems in a few hours, using simple hand tools.


1. Disassemble your paintball marker per the instructions from the manufacturer. There are usually only two to four screws that need to be taken out to accomplish this. Pull the inner workings of the gun from the chamber.

2. Examine the bolt and gun internals for signs of wear, nicks or scratches. Wipe down the internals thoroughly with a cloth dampened with gun oil. If you observe any wear or scratches, you may need to replace the internal components or seek help from a professional paintball shop.

3. Replace all of the O-rings from your gun internals. Also replace the O-ring on your CO2 tank and gun barrel. The majority of paintball gun problems arise from a gas leak somewhere in the system, and O-rings are your first defense against a leak. Clean your gun barrel and the marker chamber thoroughly with a rag dampened with oil.

4. Replace all of the springs inside of your gun. The springs determine your gun’s velocity, so if you have noticed a drop in downrange velocity or distance this could help fix that problem as well.

5. Reassemble the gun by reversing the disassembly steps, and test-fire it a few times.

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6. Check all lines and guages on your paintball system and make sure you tank is fully charged. Your gun will now perform like its brand new!