Flash Frp Games

FRP (Fantasy Role Playing) is a genre of gaming that focuses heavily on fantasy elements like dragons, elves and other mythical creatures. Magic usually plays a big part, and combat typically involves a mixture of magical spells and melee weapons, like swords and axes. Since Flash has made it easy to play games online, FRP games have become popular, and there are many of them available. While their stories and characters might differ, all FRP games share common elements.

3D Isometric FRP Games

Some Flash FRP games make use of a 3D isometric viewpoint for the action, meaning everything is viewed from a skewed, top down perspective. This is similar to the “Diablo” franchise of popular commercial FRP games and one of the best Flash examples is “Kings Island” and its sequel “Kings Island 2.” You take control of a single character who has to battle against hordes of fantasy creatures, like undead skeletons, while performing quests for people and collecting loot along the way. The games can be played free online but are quite large and can take a while to load.

Top-Down FRP Games

In top-down fantasy role playing games the action is viewed from an overhead perspective, similar to the “Legend Of Zelda” series of classic RPGs. “Fellowship Of Kings” is a free Flash FRP game that shares many similarities with the “Zelda” titles. You travel around a fantasy world performing quests while battling monsters. Unlike the real-time battles in 3D isometric FRP games, most top-down FRP games have turn-based battles, as the “Fellowship Of Kings.”

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Side-View FRP Games

Side-view FRP games share a lot of similarities with platform games but are usually more nonlinear, with exploration elements instead of a straightforward left to right path for levels. They also incorporate statistics, levels that increase and items that can be found and used during game play. One example of a side-view FRP game is “Power Knight,” in which you play the role of a knight that has to search a castle for jewels before facing and defeating an evil king. The visuals are very primitive, but the game play is solid.

Map-View FRP Games

Some Flash FRP games take their inspiration from classic dungeon crawls like the “Rogue” series. Instead of flashy visuals, the entire game is viewed on a map that displays your position in relation to points of interest in the game world. Combat takes place when your party encounters enemies while exploring and is resolved in turn-based fashion. These types of Flash FRP games are usually filled with statistics and are aimed more at the hardcore fantasy role-playing crowd. One of the best examples of the genre is “Monsters Den,” which can be played free online.