Florida Airsoft Rules

Florida Airsoft has strict rules regulating gameplay.

Airsoft is a game which allows players to simulate military combat. Players are grouped into teams that oppose each other in a designated area of outdoor or indoor space. Players are armed with air-powered weapons, firing two-gram ball bearing, or BB, ammunition, made of plastic. The game is played all over the world. In Florida, Florida Airsoft set the rules for game play in the state.

Muzzle Velocity Limits

To keep the game as safe as possible, airsoft weapons must conform to specific muzzle velocities. Muzzle velocity is the speed, measured in feet per second, of a ball-bearing or BB round as it leaves the muzzle of the weapon. For fully automatic weapons, where the weapon continues to fire until pressure is taken off the trigger, the maximum muzzle velocity allowed is 400 feet per second. Semi-automatic sniper weapons are allowed to fire with a muzzle velocity of 500 feet per second. Semi automatic weapons are weapons where a single squeeze of the trigger fires a single round from the weapon. The weapon does not have to be primed between shots. All weapons used for indoor close-quarter battle games must be restricted to a muzzle velocity of 350 feet per second. (reference 1)

Safety Rules

Some rules of Florida Airsoft game play are designed to ensure, as far is is possible, the safety of the players. The rules insist that all players must wear goggles that are fully sealed at all times when they are on the game field. Even if a player is leaving the field of play after being eliminated, the player must keep his or her goggles on. Another rule states that protection must be worn that covers a player’s face. Florida Airsoft suggest that players use a full-face balaclava or a full-face paintball mask. Masks must cover the ears and the mouth of players, and must be worn whenever a player is on the game field. (reference 1)

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Elimination and Surrender

If a player is hit anywhere on the body by a BB, that player is eliminated. Even if the BB ricochets off a nearby object, such as a tree or a wall, it counts and the player is eliminated. Players are also eliminated if they are hit by “friendly fire,” that is to say, by a shot fired by a teammate. Eliminated players should call out that they have been hit, to prevent further hits. If the elimination takes place in an area where active combat continues, the eliminated player should lie flat on the ground until it is safe to leave the game field.

If a player gets within five feet of an opponent, from behind, the player can give the opponent an order to surrender. The opponent must obey the order. Shooting at a distance of less than five feet is not permitted by the rules. (reference 1)