Follow Basic Flag Football Rules

If you are new to flag football, the rules can be confusing. The game doesn’t always resemble the traditional game played on a gridiron. Follow these steps to learn the rules for flag football.


1. Recognize the positions in flag football. On offense there are 3 main positions: quarterback, blockers and wide receivers. The quarterback in flag football is similar to the quarterback in tackle football; he’s responsible for distributing the ball offensively. The wide receivers run down the field and catch passes from the quarterback. The blockers try to stop opposing rushers from getting to the quarterback. On defense, the two main positions are corners and linemen. Corners defend against wide receivers catching the ball. Linemen typically rush the quarterback.

2. Learn about the downs in flag football. As in tackle football, each team has 4 downs to advance the ball 10 yards. If the ball hasn’t been advanced 10 yards after 3 downs, the offensive team may elect to punt the ball to the defensive team. The defensive team must stop the offensive team from gaining 10 yards. Instead of tackling players, defensive players down offensive players by pulling off their flag.

3. Know how the scoring works. In most flag football leagues, touchdowns are counted as 6 points. After each touchdown, teams can attempt a 2-point conversion. Unlike regular tackle football, field goals are usually not allowed in flag football.

4. Read the rulebook for the flag football league that you play in. Rules can differ from league to league, so make sure that you obtain and read the correct rulebook. Take notes of important sections or sections that confuse you. After studying the rulebook, you should have a good idea of how the rules in flag football work.

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