Free Barrel Racing Games

Barrel racing games are rare in the online world.

In barrel racing, a horse and rider race around a series of barrels for the fastest timed score. The real version of this game can be dangerous and expensive. However, there are several online versions that offer the fun and excitement of barrel racing without the danger or expense. Online racing games are a fun way to experience barrel racing even for individuals who have never ridden a horse.

Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing is one of the only web-based barrel racing games. It is an older game and the graphics are not very pretty. However, the game is rather difficult and will provide entertainment for people of all ages. The goal of the game is very similar to traditional barrel racing. In the game, you direct the horse around a series of barrels. However, the barrels must be crossed in a certain order. The order is different for each level of the game. The horse maneuvers somewhat like a real horse with tight circles hard to manage. If you hit a barrel, then the game is over and you must restart the match. Your time score is kept, and you can spend hours trying to beat previous scores.

Barrel Arena

Barrel Arena is a free competition barrel race game open to owners of the game Barrel Sim. The game Barrel Sim is a 3D realistic version of barrel racing that allows players to race on different courses and score their times. The scores can then be uploaded to the site Barrel Arena for scoring like in a true competition. This aspect of the game offers players more excitement than just playing the computer-based game against the computer players. The challenge of beating other players’ scores makes the game fun and exciting for much longer than other computer-based games. Signing up with the site is easy, and you can upload scores right away.

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Let’s Ride Friends Forever

Let’s Ride Friends Forever is a computer barrel racing game targeted more for girls. While the game does cost money to play the full version, there is a demo version that can be downloaded and played for free. In the demo version, you are able to compete in a variety of racing events, including barrel racing. In this game, you can also dress up the rider and horse and interact with the horse on a non-competition level. This game offers good 3D graphics, and the barrel racing interface is excellent. Girls and children of all ages will love to play this version of horse barrel racing.