Free Shooting War Games

Free Shooting War Games

Shooting games are available all across the Internet and can be a lot of fun. Free games may not be as sophisticated as purchased games, but the price can’t be beat.


“Hellvolution” is a free online flash game and may be of particular interest to users who previously played “13 Days in Hell.” “Hellvolution” is a game where the player wakes up in a zombie world right in the middle of the action. The user’s only chance for survival is the local weapons dealer, and players are cautioned to purchase and use ammunition wisely. Use your mouse to aim and fire upon the zombies and use a spacebar to reload. Keys 1 through 4 are used for changing weapons, and keys 5 through 7 are used for special skills options. The higher the user in levels, the more points earned. The graphics are decent and it takes a while to reload, so that’s what drags the user down and the more the zombies attack the player, the harder it becomes to see through the blood splatters on the screen.


“Seafight” is a free online pirate game. “Seafight” is interactive where the user sails across the ocean in search of what every good pirate wants-fortune and glory. Users compete against other players across the Internet. The game offers a pirate environment filled with sea battles, cannons, treasure chests and mercenaries. The game is free online and does not require an install. Users must register. Player reviews say that the game is full of graphics, but takes a while to load and that there is a slight lag time in loading. The pirate environment is fun to be a part of and is very interactive and creative for today’s players. Players can expect online combat against other players as completed quests improve experience levels, improving the customization capabilities of equipment buying, upgrading ships, getting more weapons and hiring more crew.

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Police Fury

The object of “Police Fury” is to destroy terrorists within the target zone. Falling into a shoot ’em up category, the game is free. As a member of the special squad, players get to play an officer who has set out to protect the city from disaster. The mouse controls the game and shooting. Players can choose a woman or a man character and only have one gun from which to choose at the beginning, but will unlock more guns as the game is successfully played. The graphics of the game are not too extreme, but for a free game, it’s fun to play. A helicopter drops enemies down, a few at a time, in front of the player and the player must kill all of the enemies before they are killed first. Once all the enemies are killed from a helicopter drop, the player moves forward and another group of men are dropped in front of the player. Each time, more guys are dropped down and the game becomes harder. This game is not suitable for young children.