Free Survival Islandtype Games

Surviving on an island calls for a number of skills.

There are a number of TV shows and movies focused on survival situations such as the main character crash-landing or washing up on an island with little more than his wits about him. This is a scenario that is also recreated on several types of Internet Flash game. Many of these Flash games are also available for free.

Choose Your Own Adventure”-type

There are a few games like this, “Survival Island” and “Survival Mode – Island Edition,” for example, which use a simplified interface, primarily in text and letting you choose one of several options at each point to continue the storyline. They are similar to books from the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series in that some options lead to other options and some lead to your character’s demise. The survival setting works for this game because you have a lot of time to make a critical decision.

Platform Games

A platform game takes its name from the fact that players must jump from platform to platform in order to complete levels. One of these games with an island theme is “Dick Quick’s Island Adventure,” which sets your castaway on an island with several obstacles that will hinder his progress and survival. In many platform games, you have objects you have to collect to complete a larger goal, such as the radio and stick items in “Island Adventure.”

Role-Playing Games

The role-playing game is another classic genre that focuses on a character’s progression through experience points and statistics. For example, in “Castaway” you are a young man who has washed ashore on an island. You begin with low health points (HP) as well as stats like “strength” and “intellect,” but can add to them after defeating monsters and earning experience points (EXP). After completing some survival quests in “Castaway” and defeating enough monsters, you “level up” and become a better fighter. You need to balance leveling up and completing quests to beat the game.

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Point-and-Click Adventures

The point-and-click adventure is another great genre for island/survival games because it depends on you having your wits about you and working logically to collect and build objects you need for survival. In this type of game, such as “Skull Island,” you may pick up a rock, a stick and a stone; items that may seem useless on their own but that you can combine to form a spear that will help you solve another puzzle and progress through the game.