Fun Games To Play Outside At Night

Playing paintball outside.

It may be too cold to play outside at night in the winter, but the weather is usually perfect for outdoor play at night in the summer. Temperatures begin to cool down after dinner and people begin to look for something they can do. Whether you have a few buddies over, or you are looking for something to do on family night, these games are perfect.


Paintball is actually better played at night. This is because it is a game of hunting down the enemy. You can use the darkness as a cover and sneak up on your opponent. You will need paintball equipment as well as safety equipment. All participants must wear goggles to protect their eyes. Helmets are a good idea and all participants should wear several layers of clothing to soften the blow of the paint. You will need to scout out your location ahead of time. You want lots of room to roam around, but you also want plenty of places to take cover. There are two ways to play paintball outdoors at night. You can form teams or you can play individually. To play with teams you will want to capture members of the other team by shooting them with paint. When all of the other teams members have been captured, your team wins. To play individually, it is last man standing wins.

Name That Constellation

This game is perfect for a night with a clear sky. Everyone can get a blanket or sleeping bag, and a flashlight, and take it outside. Lay down and play “Name That Constellation.” Each person should shout out a constellation and show everyone where it is. The individual who shouts out the most correct constellations wins. When the game is over, each player should find stars to create their own constellation. They can then name their own constellation. This can be a lot of fun and players can come up with some pretty crazy constellations.

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Optional: Have a star map available to check the accuracy of the player who finds a constellation.


Children, teens and adults can have fun playing jail at night. All you need is a tin can and a large yard with places to hide. One person is designated as the jailer. The jailer must place a tin can in the middle of the property where the game is being played. All players must agree on a space to be designated as a jail. The jailer then counts out 60 seconds before looking for the criminals. When the jailer spots a criminal he must shout out, “I found XXX”. Say the person’s name and then they have 10 seconds to get to the tin can and kick it. The jailer should try to prevent them from reaching the can. If they don’t reach the can in time, they must make their way to the jail. If they do kick the can, they get to remain in the game and hide again. The game is over when the last player is thrown in jail. A new jailer can then be chosen.