Fun Gift For A Teen

Give your teen a gift she will love to receive.

Shopping for a fun gift for a teenager can feel like an overwhelming task if you are not sure what he wants. Although a teen’s idea of a fun gift may differ from your idea, it is possible to choose a gift teens will find enjoyable and appealing by keeping their personality and interests in mind while shopping.

For the Fashionista

If your teenager is a fan of beauty products and loves keeping up with fashion and trends, she may find fashionista gifts fun and appealing. Buy her a makeup palette and brush set as a gift. Choose a large palette that includes various shades of eye shadow, blush, lipstick and concealer so she has many colors to choose from. Give her a hair tools and accessories gift basket. Fill a basket with a variety of styling products and hair accessories like shampoo, conditioner, hair moisturizer, ponytail holders, hair clips and a hair tool like a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer. Other options include designer skinny jeans, handbag, handmade earrings, large bangles, bath gift set in her favorite scent and a gift card to her favorite store.

For the Sports Fanatic

For a teen who is sports fanatic, a sports-themed gift is a fun and appealing option. A foosball coffee table combines the practicality of a sturdy surface for studying with the entertainment of a built-in game. An outdoor backpack includes features such as a spill-proof water bottle and built-in rain cover that are likely to come in handy when your teen is enjoying outdoor sports and activities like fishing, camping, cycling and hiking. Include additional essentials such as an LED flashlight, first aid kit and portable UPS unit to make your teen’s adventure even more enjoyable and safe. Other gifts a sports fanatic may find fun include tickets to a sports game, subscription to a sports magazine, sports-themed clothing and accessories, tickets to play paintball or laser tag and a gift card to a sporting goods store.

For the Techie

If your teen is highly interested in technology and electronics, there are a number of gifts that may be fun and appealing. Your teen can use a digital camera for capturing fun moments with family and friends. A laptop can be used for those long hours of studying and for enjoyable things on the Internet. Your teen will never have to worry about a dead cell phone or MP3 player without a charging station that charges multiple electronic devices. Other gift options for the tech-addicted teen include Bluetooth speakers, laptop case, computer and video games, cell phone case, e-reader, noise-canceling headphones, USB flash drive and digital key chain.

For the Couch Potato

If your teen spends most of his free time on the couch or in the house, give him a gift that is useful. Give your teen a gift card to a bookstore where he can buy his favorite books. If your teen owns a laptop, a laptop pad allows him to hold his laptop comfortably. Buy your teen a DVD set of her favorite television series or a subscription to a movie rental service where she can rent her favorite movies. Buy your teen a video game console with video games that encourage him to get off the couch and move. Give her tickets to an amusement park so she can get off the couch and have fun outdoors.