Fun Party Games For A Southern Cowgirl Birthday

You can round up some rip-roarin’ ideas with a little creativity.

Cowgirls know have some serious down-home fun. Let’s face it, anyone who yells “Yee-haw!” is bound to be the life of any party. If you’ve decided on a cowgirl theme for your birthday party, it’s time to learn how real cowgirls kick their heels up with some fun games that will have all your guests hollering for more. Does this Spark an idea?

Nontraditional Activities

Paintballs are perfect ammunition for rootin’-tootin’ cowgirls.

Party rental companies have creative western-themed games that you can rent for a small fee. These might include paintball games, which involve target shooting with small balls of paint that explode on contact. There are also games with farm animal themes, like a cow-milking contest: A wooden cut-out cow with a plastic udder filled with white tinted water is “milked” by two cow-folk. The player with the most “milk” in her bucket wins.

Traditional Games

You can find feed sacks for sack racing at any livestock supply store.

Traditional American picnic games never go out of style, and you can give them a western twist for your cowgirl party. Hold sack races with burlap feed sacks from livestock supply stores. Stage a tug-of-war with cowgirl teams pulling at a rope made of tied-together red bandannas. After a watermelon-eating contest, the ladies can practice their spitting skills by aiming watermelon seeds at a tin cup or bucket. The cowgirl with the best aim wins.

Be Imaginative

Relay teams can wear their own matching cowgirl hats.

Use your imagination to make up your own games. Design a cowgirl-themed obstacle course where relay teams riding stick ponies race blind-folded around hay bales. Watch television game shows for inspiration and adapt them to western themes, like trivia questions based on old western films, name that country tune, or charades featuring western stars and characters like John Wayne and Annie Oakley.

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