Fun Party Games For Boys

Boys Playing

Many party games work for either boys or girls. Sometimes, however, only more active and rambunctious games will do for a party of boys. If you have a group of boys ready for some extreme fun, deliver it with party games designed especially for boys to enjoy. All of these games require the boys to wear either old clothes or swimwear. Does this Spark an idea?

Balloon Paintball

Fill a large number of balloons half-full of washable paint. Use one bright color to fill one half of the balloons, and another bright color in the other half. Divide the boys into two teams. Give bandannas of one color to one team and another color to the other team. The boys can wear the bandannas on their heads or around their necks as team insignia. Stake out the playing field in a large area outside by assigning one side of the playing field to one team and the other side to the other team. Designate a common area between the two sides to keep the teams separated somewhat. Provide balloons of one color to one team and balloons of the other color to the other team. The object is to throw the paint-filled balloons so that paint splashes onto the opposite team’s players. If a player gets hit with a balloon from the opposite team, he’s out. When all of the balloons are gone, the team with the most players who have not been hit by the other team‘s paint balloons wins.

Obstacle Course

You can make an outdoor obstacle course as simple or as challenging as desired for your group of boys. Make obstacles out of old tires, ropes, lawn chairs and small wading pools. Plot the course so that, for instance, the boys must run through rope mazes, over old tires, over and under lawn chairs, through a wading pool, through the jungle gym and swings of a swing set, around trees, around the house and cross the finish line. Time the participants and award prizes to the boys with the best times.

Squirt Gun War

Divide the boys into two teams and give each boy an identical squirt gun. Provide bandannas as team insignia. The simple object is to get the opposing team as wet as possible with the squirt guns. Create a safe spot for refilling squirt guns where no squirting is allowed.