G3 Vs Invert Mini

Paintball guns can provide hours of fun.

Many paintball gun enthusiasts get sick of renting paintball guns and decide to buy their own. Once you make this decision, you may find yourself on the fence between the DP G3 and the Invert Mini paintball guns. Both paintball guns are great options, but there are a few things that differentiate the two.

G3 Is Cheaper

Although both paintball guns are in the same ballpark, the G3 is usually cheaper than the Invert Mini. As of 2010, the G3 can be found for $300, but the Invert Mini is always a little more expensive at $325. It should be noted that you may have to spend money on additional parts the Invert Mini doesn’t include.

Invert Mini Is Smaller

Although both paintball guns claim to be super light, the Invert Mini is actually smaller. Some people enjoy a paintball gun with a small profile while others prefer to have something more substantial in their hands.

G3 Is Easier to Maintain

The G3 bolt has only two moving parts and its simple design makes it easy to strip and clean. The Invert Mini uses a one-screw quick strip to take the bolt return spring, the bolt guide and the bolt out of the back. The Invert design is different from most others, and the extra parts make maintenance slightly more difficult.

The Invert Mini Has a Newer Design

The Invert Mini has a much newer design, but newest isn’t always the best when it comes to reliability. Many paintball enthusiasts believe reliability is more important. While the G3’s simple design isn’t as new as the Invert Mini, it is much more reliable. The newer Invert Mini models are more reliable than used models, but the designs are still more complicated than the G3’s.

G3 is Ready Out of the Box

The G3 comes ready to go when you purchase it, but the Invert Mini has no on/off ASA switch. You have to buy an adapter, and many people buy special bolts and other parts for the Invert Mini to increase performance as well. The G3 usually needs nothing extra.