Games For Christian Boys

Raising Christian children in today’s world is trying, difficult and ultimately rewarding. Kids face movies and games full of violence and foul language that seems to have become socially acceptable these days. Parents strive to find a way to teach children to interact socially while instilling good Christian values and morals. Ask Jesus to help guide you and your children down the right path, today and always. Surround your children with Christian friends, and include them in Christian social activities, especially church services.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games can be competitive, fun and educational, and they can even have health benefits. If baseball isn’t your preference, try an outdoor scavenger hunt, water balloon toss, ladder golf, bean bag toss or hula hoop contest for some good, wholesome entertainment.

Board Games

Try Bingo, board games or card games. Apples to Apples, Bible Blurt, TriBond, Guesstures, Inklings and Outburst are all great board and card games with Bible editions. You can purchase these games, and many more like them, at places like True Light Christian Store.

Online Games

There are many Christian websites offering interactive Christian games online. These sites categorize games by style, like action, strategy, puzzle and even those that test your Bible knowledge.

Other Activities

If you’re looking for fun things for your boys to do, perhaps a camping, hiking or fishing trip is in order. Go-kart racing, laser tag or paintball are other great activities for older kids. When boys desire some male bonding, a Guys’ Prayer Night is a nice way for teen boys to bond spiritually by expressing their prayer needs without adults or girls present to add unnecessary pressure.

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