Games In Arizona For Kids

Arizona state learning and quiz games help children in the area learn about their state.

The Arizona State Learning Games for Kids website offers young people in Arizona the chance to learn about their state for free. The website hosts over 10 interactive web games that challenge children with knowledge questions and activities based on natural features and sites found in the state. For example; the website notes that, “kids can play games to learn that the Camellia is the state flower and the Southern Longleaf Pine is the state tree.”

Arizona State Symbols Games

This multiple choice quiz game challenges students to answer basic knowledge questions about the state. Along the way, students are quizzed about the state motto, state bird, state flower and other related material. Each question stays on the screen until the correct answer is selected, so students can go through one guess, then return to play again once they’ve learned the correct answers. Sound effects enhance the students’ experience and indicate when an answer is correct or incorrect.

Arizona State Memory Match

This card flip game is a memory challenge that incorporates Arizona information like the state capital and state bird. Twelve individual cards contain either a phrase (“Arizona state nickname”) or the answer (“The Grand Canyon State”). The child must successfully flip over the matching pairs together on the same turn. The game challenges students to both learn the material and memorize the placement of the cards. A timer and point system keep track of the child’s progress during the game.

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Fun With Arizona Vocabulary

This letter fall style game allows children to spell out words related to Arizona trivia while controlling a cartoon mouse. After being told a phrase about Arizona, children must spell out a mystery word in the proper order using falling drops of water with letters. Using the directional key pad, players must direct the mouse to catch the proper letters in a bucket before they hit the ground. The game offers 10 levels increasing in difficulty.

Arizona Jigsaw

This puzzle-style game challenges children to reshuffle a picture of the Arizona state flag. Students rearrange the pieces until they arrive at the appropriate depiction of the flag. Children are puzzled for hours with this one, as its one of the more difficult platforms available on the Arizona learning website. In addition, the game offers virtually no clues for assistance and requires previous knowledge of the flag’s appearance. This one should be considered ideal for older elementary students with acute spatial knowledge.