Get A Cat Out Of A Tree

It is important to remain calm if your kitten or cat gets caught in a tree. She is probably quite freaked out, and you, as the owner, need to help her calm down.


1. Avoid mass panic. Given time and privacy, the cat will likely find a way down on her own. (Exceptions are if the cat is injured or if she has a leash wrapped around her neck; go to step 4 in those instances.)

2. If several hours have passed, try to lure the cat down by opening a can of her favorite food underneath the tree. Call out her name in a calm, reassuring voice.

3. Lean a wooden ladder up against the tree near the cat so she can climb down. Leave her alone with the ladder for at least 15 minutes so she can climb down on her own.

4. If the cat is too freaked out to use the ladder, put on work gloves and a thick coat to protect yourself and climb up the ladder to retrieve her. Make sure the ladder is stable before you climb it.

5. Grab the cat by the nape of the neck to reduce your chances of getting scratched and to induce calmness in the cat.

6. If your efforts only send the cat farther up the tree, call an animal shelter or a local humane society. A professional animal handler can rescue the cat quite quickly.

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