Get A Cycling Sponsorship

Cycling sponsorships allow both racing cyclists and BMX pros to compete on the national circuit.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to make a living off of your passion. Sponsorship is what allows athletes to do what they love and improve their craft, all while making enough money to make it a full-time profession. While the road to sponsorship isn’t always easy, there are steps you can take to help yourself get noticed and make money doing what you love.


1. Get good at cycling. If you are just starting out, you have to work hard and practice until you are in the top tier in your community. Enter bike races, talk to other bicycling enthusiasts, learn all you can and apply it. Get out and practice every day until you are one of the best in your area.

2. Expand your competition area from local to regional. There is an old business saying that can apply to bicycling: If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. If you’re the fastest in your county, you need to move up to state level competitions if you want to get any better.

3. Contact your favorite companies and tell them why they need their logo to be on your racing shirt. Once you start winning serious competitions on the regional, state or national level, it’s time to start soliciting sponsorships.

4. Sell yourself to the company. Companies have dozens of people per month soliciting sponsorship, so you need to tell them why investing a little money in you will pay big dividends for them later on down the road. Don’t tell them why you want to get sponsored, tell them why they can’t afford not to sponsor you.

5. Try different methods of getting sponsored. Make a list of your times and accomplishments. Have a friend make a video of all the people cheering you on at your races. Tell them about your plans to stay in cycling for the long haul. The more exposure you can prove that you get, and the longer you can say that you’re going to stay in the sport, the more the sponsors will have to pay attention to you.

6. Continue to improve. The best way to get a company’s attention is to get better and climb up the standings. Once you’re near the top, they won’t have any choice but to listen to what you say.

7. Keep trying. The first company won’t get back to you the first time you call them. Keep an open mind and don’t get dead-set on your favorite company. If you’re serious about getting sponsored, you may have to settle for your second or third choice. Just don’t let on that they’re not your favorite.