Get A Good Trigger Finger In “Mw2”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″ puts you in the role of gun-toting soldier. To survive, you’ll not only need to master effective tactics, but you’ll also need a fast trigger finger. As with a sport or martial art, the only way to get your trigger finger up to professional levels is through rigorous practice. You need to commit a considerable amount of time to developing your skill, and all the while your multiplayer competition will be doing the same thing. Approaching your practice intelligently will help you get the most out of your time.


1. Practice with only a single platform, such as your computer, Xbox or PlayStation. Each platform has a different feel to its controls, and by switching between them, you’ll disrupt the development of your reflexes. For instance, aiming and firing with a mouse uses completely different movements than doing so with an Xbox controller. Although developing your reflexes with one will help the others, you’ll get the fastest results by concentrating your efforts with a single control type.

2. Play through the solo game until your feel comfortable with the controls. There’s a lot to manage in “Modern Warfare 2,” including weapon selection, movement type, movement direction and aim. Expect to spend several hours just getting acclimated to the controls. Don’t worry about refining your reflexes yet. At the same time, don’t linger in solo mode for too long. After a while, you’ll become familiar with the placement and behavioral patterns of the artificial intelligence (AI), and you won’t complete the missions with your reflexes so much as by memory. At this point, you’re not developing your trigger finger, you’re simply memorizing the game.

3. Engage in multiplayer combat. If you have friends who play as well, play against them. Just as with the AI, though, you’ll eventually become familiar with your friends’ habits and behaviors, reducing the challenge. At this point, start playing against strangers as well. You can find other players by joining one of the many “Modern Warfare 2” forums.

4. Sign up for practice. There are a number of different weapon types in “Modern Warfare 2,” and over time, you’ll likely gain proficiency with some faster than others. If you want to practice the use of a particular weapon, post a topic on one of the forums with your interest, such as “Quick-Scope Practice.” When other players express interest, join them for several practice battles. In this style, all players will be relying upon quick-scope strategies, giving you a chance to hone this skill yourself as well as to see how others are doing so.