Get A Gun License In Australia

Laws for possessing a firearm in Australia were mainly arranged under the 1996 National Agreement of Firearm, which was created due to an event where a man using a semi-automatic rifle killed 35 people and injured 18 at Port Arthur in Tasmania. It’s illegal in Australia to possess a firearm of any kind without a license.


1. Contact the Firearms Registry customer service department to begin the application process for a Firearms License. You will first have to receive your Permit to Acquire, which takes up to 28 days to be issued.

2. Advise the customer service operator your “Genuine Reason” for why you want to own a firearm. For example, you can say that it will be for sport or target shooting.

3. Let the operator know what types of guns you’ll be using to determine the category of license. Category A licenses include rimfire rifles, shot guns and air rifles. Category B licenses include centrefire rifles, and Category H licenses include pistols or hand guns.

4. Continue giving all information required by the operate. For example, for obtaining a hand gun you must have two references that are older than 18 years old and you must be over the age of 18 as well. Once finished, you will be sent a license application form in the mail, Genuine Reason Form and Firearms Safety Training (Long-arms) Course Form (P580). If you’re applying for a Category A or B license you’ll also receive a form to be exempt from the training if you have qualified experience.

5. Fill out and submit all of your forms. If approved, you will be admitted into the Target Shooting Club, which is required for the license. Once accepted you’ll be contacted by phone or letter. You then must contact the Sydney International Shooting Centre to set up a time to take the Firearms Licence Qualification course. Once complete you will have to have your guns registered and you’ll receive your license.

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