Get A Gun License In Spain

Spain is said to be one of the hardest European countries to get a gun license.

According to, Spain has a reputation as one of the hardest countries to get a firearms license. In Spain, you cannot own, carry or even use a firearm without a firearm license, which is called an FAC. There also are separate license categories for rifles, pistols, crossbows, shotguns, air guns and others. Each type of license must be earned separately, with its own necessary courses and exams.


1. Choose which category of weapon you want your license for. Rifles, pistols, crossbows and air guns all have different classes associated with them, and you need to take each class separately.

2. Sign up for and attend classes for your license. Two-day courses, complete with lectures that are completely in Spanish, are available.

3. Take your licensing examination. Once you pass this licensing exam, you have earned your license for the particular category of firearm that you took the class for. You now have the right to carry, possess and to use that type of weapon.