Get A New Hampshire Gun License

New Hampshire has less restrictive gun laws.

“Live free or die” is New Hampshire’s motto. This is also a state with a strong belief in the second amendment. Many who move here, especially from the South, are pleasantly surprised by the lack of government regulation when it comes to purchasing and owning a gun. New Hampshire does not require a license to buy or own a handgun. A license is required, though, when carrying a concealed weapon. In this case the state laws are much less restrictive on the gun owner than federal laws.


1. Buy a gun from a Federal Firearms Licensee, which is any gun dealer or gun store. This also includes purchasing at a gun show.

2. Pass a background check before completing your purchase. You cannot have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. If you are what the state refers to as a “prohibited person,” you will be prevented from owning a firearm.

3. Obtain a “License to Carry” through the state’s Department of Safety if you purchased a gun from a private owner. No license is needed if the seller knows you personally.