Get A Paintball Team Sponsorship

Photos of individual team members, like this one, make your team look professional, dedicated and organized.

Getting sponsorship for your paintball team is an essential step to promoting your team’s image and improving your chance to place highly in tournaments. Sponsors will donate equipment and money in exchange for advertising on your banners, jerseys and other team equipment. These donations will take some financial burden off of your players, allowing them to be better equipped and more focused on their game. Acquiring these sponsorships can sometimes be difficult, but with determination and persistence, a fruitful cooperation can be reached.


1. Build your team’s portfolio. Organize this information in a resume-type format, print it on high-quality paper, and include a professional team photo. This should be a presentable document, ready for mailing, that introduces your team’s membership, winning history, and goals.

2. Generate a list of potential sponsors by searching online and contacting local schools, and other sports organizations to find companies that actively support local sports teams. These companies can be anything from local grocery stores to regional departments of large businesses. Large paintball companies also offer sponsorship through streamlined, online forms. Fill out these forms carefully to include all the required information and submit them with any addeitional requested documents.

3. Make contact with as many potential sponsors on your list as possible, either through e-mail or by telephone. Introduce yourself as the spokesperson for the team, and invite the company or representative to take a look at your portfolio. Always follow-up and maintain contact with potential sponsors.

4. Discuss your team’s desires for sponsorship with the companies that show interest, and explain how their support will help advance your team as well as the sponsor’s image. This will be the beginnings of a contractual deal.

5. Draft a simple contract with the sponsoring companies, stipulating both sides of the agreement. Outline your team desires in terms of funding or gear, and what the company desires in terms of image and presentation.

6. Include a list of current sponsors, once acquired, in your team‘s portfolio. This lets companies see that you’ve already been trusted by other companies, and they themselves may want to compete with their rivals directly on your jerseys and banners.