Get An Athletic Sponsorship

Athletic sponsors contribute money or products to support an athlete or team. Sponsors may provide an athlete with cash, equipment, food, housing or training that may be necessary for the athlete to excel in his sport. Sponsorships allow athletes to earn money or free products and services. They also gain attention from the sponsor’s customers, as well as others involved in the sport. Sponsorships are also beneficial to the sponsors because the athlete or team draws added attention to their product or brand.


1. Work hard to be the best at your sport. Not everyone is good enough to earn an athletic sponsorship. You need to stand out among the crowd. You should also take every opportunity to promote yourself or your team to get your name(s) out in the sport you play. This includes making a video to show what you can do, attending events involving your sport and networking with coaches, players and spectators.

2. Do your research. You will want to go to the library or search online for companies you might want to sponsored you. You will also want to contact them directly to find out what type of guidelines and time frames they have for sponsorships. Read publications relating to your sport and also speak with other athletes you know who are already sponsored. Many companies also have sponsorship applications on their websites so you can apply online.

3. Write a sponsorship letter. This is essentially a resume for athletes. You should give a bit of background information on yourself or your team. You will want to briefly explain what your goals are and what you have to offer the company in terms of your proven athletic ability. You should state how much money or resources you are seeking and what it will be used for. Explain why you chose that company in particular for a potential sponsorship and explain why it would be mutually beneficial.

4. Make the proposal. You will want to find out who the sponsorship coordinator is at the company. This will be the key contact person for sponsorships. A face-to-face meeting is ideal, if you can get one. Submit your letter and application and make sure to follow up in a timely manner. If you are not chosen for a sponsorship, do not give up. Keep in mind that hard work, determination and loyalty to a company can pay off in the long run.