Get An Sa Gun License

Gun ownership in Southern Australia requires a firearm license.

People wishing to purchase and own guns in South Australia must first obtain a firearms license. This ensures that individuals wishing to own or purchase a gun have passed the necessary background checks and have taken gun safety training. Some gun owners are also required to provide justification for needing a firearm. Justification is typically not required, however, when individuals wish to have a firearm for hunting, target shooting or paintball.


1. Gather identification. In South Australia, forms of identification are assigned a point value. To apply for a firearm license, you must show enough forms of identification to reach a total of 100 points.

2. Visit your local police station and ask for a form “PD 303 –Application for a Firearm License.” Once completed, turn in the application to your local police station along with your license fee payment. You will have to show your identification at this time.

3. Watch the mail for your training letter, which will be sent if the South Australia Firearms Branch deems you able to hold a firearms license. In some cases, you may also be required to provide justification of your need for a firearm license.

4. Complete the required training and again watch the mail. After you complete your training, the Firearms Branch will mail you a data card.

5. Take your data card to a photo center, along with your 100 points of identification and the means to pay the licensing fees. The photo center will issue you a temporary license. A one-year license costs $70. Three-year licenses cost $182 and five-year licenses cost $289.

6. Check the mail for your photographic firearms license, which you should receive about 28 days after obtaining your temporary license.