Get Bp Points In “Cross Fire”

Cross Fire” is a free-to-play online first-person shooter video game that pays for its development costs through micro-transactions. Instead of unlocking all of the game’s weapons, you can unlock additional weapons by purchasing them one-at-a-time. However, to reward long-time players and those who shop at the game’s micro-transaction store frequently, the game has a store that features exclusive, powerful weapons that can only be bought with Bonus Points (BPs), a currency not directly offered by the game.


1. Purchase ZP, which is the game’s official currency. You will receive BP equal to 10 percent of your purchase of ZP.

2. Complete a challenge that is currently ongoing for Bonus Points. The game’s developer frequently offers players the opportunity to complete a challenge in exchange for Bonus Points, such as killing 1,000 enemies for 1,000 BPs.

3. Play online matches frequently. While the accumulation of BPs for playing online matches is minimal, you will receive a small boost to your account for each hour you spend playing the game.

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