Get Cheap Paintballs

Paintballs don’t cost much, but the costs can rack up when you need to buy a lot of them.

Paintball is an exciting hobby enjoyed by many-but like many hobbies, it involves recurring expenses. The most prominent of these costs is that of the paintballs themselves. An afternoon fight in the woods can use up hundreds of balls, which means you’ll often need to restock. Unless you can find balls at reduced prices, your hobby could end up costing you a significant amount of money. Fortunately, paintballs can be obtained for cheap from many different sources.


1. Search on for paintballs. Ebay is an excellent place to get almost anything for less than you’d pay in a physical store, and paintballs are no exception. Because items are user-sold, usually for short periods of time, prices will vary from week to week.

2. Look at the paintballs available from online retailers, such as,, or Many specialty paintball sites, these included, have a sale or discounted section, which will often contain ammunition at slashed prices. Look at several sites and compare the prices, figuring in the cost of shipping.

3. Try your local paintball store, or even a large department store such as Walmart or Fleet Farm. Look at the prices and compare them to those you found online. Even though the base price might be higher at local stores, shipping costs might make online paintball resources more expensive.