Get Hunting Sponsors

Whether for food or for trophy, hunters all over take to the land and hunt for many different animals. The sport carries many costs involved, which can be prohibitive. An option for some sportsmen, much like in pro fishing, is to get hunting sponsors, companies who will foot some of the bills and supply some of the equipment.


1. Begin with finding a niche. If it is big game, use a specific firearm, game call, bullet or piece of equipment. The larger the manufacturer, the more sponsorship monies they have. If you use a certain gun, make sure to mention it any chance you get if you’re mentioned in a publication. These articles will need to be saved. The more exposure that you have and the more mentions of that potential sponsor, the better your chance is.

2. Go to all hunting shows. Discuss with your favorite companies what their criteria is for sponsorship. Know their product lists and what they have available. Be able to talk shop with these people and show them that you are intimate with their inventory. Many want to see some local cable TV program with a strong viewership. As your local popularity grows, a stronger case can be made to have a sponsor give you equipment to field test and promote on a show or in a column on a local newspaper or a website.

3. Maintain contact with the people you talked to at the hunting shows. These contacts will allow you access to your targeted companies and give you an edge on people who cold call them looking for freebies. Continue to use their products. This kind of continuity will ensure them that you are really are a fan of their products and will continue to introduce them to your future readers and viewers.

4. Continue to get as much press as possible. Anything that gets you exposure is a selling point for these sponsors. Volunteer to guide local reporters, give opinions to local papers and get your name out as much as possible.