Get Insurance For A Water Park

Get Insurance for a Water Park

Patrons are entitled to have fun at a water park, but when the unexpected happens, be prepared with the proper insurance coverage. Here is get insurance for a water park so you can enjoy watching the park visitors enjoying themselves and not worry about possible injury suits.


1. Contact a business insurance agent experienced with outdoor recreation and discuss the specific injury liabilities of your water park design. Be sure to include injuries that might happen in the parking lot as well as on the attractions.

2. Have your agent visit the water park and assess all risks. Give him a complete walkthrough of the entire park so that you get an accurate risk assessment.

3. Get an itemized risk assessment quote from your agent with all the liabilities you discuss.

4. Consider having another business risk assessment done by another company. Most insurance companies are happy to have your business and will assess your risk for free or for a nominal fee.

5. Choose the plan that covers all your needs and has the best price. Now you know your patrons are taken care of in case the unexpected happens.

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