Get Military Training Playing Laser Tag

Laser tag was invented by the U.S. military in the 1980s as a simulated training program that increased personal safety and conserved ammunition. While the sport has been popularized for the mainstream public, it still reflects its combat origins. It is important to note that the original purpose was to teach spontaneous problem solving, which many players value today. Find out why so many people are playing combat-style laser tag.


Organize a Do-It-Yourself Laser Tag Boot Camp

1. Recruit a facilitator who will control the game software, provide game starts and stops, and perform other field-marshal tasks. Reloading weapons with ammunition or health points is one additional function.

2. Select a game format among the software offerings, such as Capture the Flag or VIP Escort.

3. Set up obstacles and create rules for overcoming them, such as, “Cross all standing water” or “Crawl under any wire barricades.”

4. Pay special attention to marksmanship. Game software will give precise read-outs on statistics, such as ratio of hits to trigger pulls, or the ID and number of tags on each of your victims.

Join a Professional Military Laser Tag Program

5. Purchase a group package from an outdoor laser tag park that offers combat simulation. These may be hosted or not, and usually involve at least eight participants to form two evenly numbered teams.

6. Enjoy graduated training that builds on the skill sets of each game. Progressive levels of difficulty and restrictions help to hone critical thinking and problem solving.

7. Train in a specialized uniform or protective clothing to get experience in moving or in waiting for long periods of time in uncomfortable or unfamiliar gear.