Get More Than Two Guns On “Zombie Verruckt” Maps

Zombie Verruckt” is one of four maps that appear in the “Prestige” and “Hardened” editions of “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” The enemies on this map are Nazi zombies who attack in relentless hordes. Vending machines where perks are available for purchase give players a better chance, but with a two-gun limit per player it is easy to be overrun by zombies. However, a glitch allows players to carry more than two guns on this map.


1. Play until you have enough points to buy the extra weapon you want, as well as any perk.

2. Walk up to a “perk-a-cola” machine with a “bouncing betty” (the mine) in your character‘s hands. If your character has more than one “bouncing betty,” put the other ones down elsewhere. If your character does not have any, one can be found on the left or right balcony of the map.

3. Place the “bouncing betty” on the ground in front of the vending machine and select the “buy” option as soon as the character’s hands are not visible. The character will drink the perk and appear to be empty-handed.

4. Buy the new weapon that you want to use in addition to the two the character already has. Do not press the “change weapon” button before the new weapon has been bought or this trick won’t work. Once you have your new weapon, it can be used until your character is killed, after which the trick must be repeated.

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