Get On Top Of The Hokage Mansion In “Naruto Rise Of A Ninja”

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja” isn’t just a fighting game. It’s also about exploration. Throughout the game, you can freely roam your hidden ninja village. Along the way, you’ll get quests, awards and achievements. One of the many achievements you can get for exploration is unlocked when you reach the top of the Hokage mansion. To get up there, you’ll need to follow a circumspect route, including running across a lake and leaping over balcony rails parkour style.


1. Go to the southwest corner of the village. You’ll find a lake there, near where your companion Sasuke hangs out.

2. Concentrate to power up your Chakra all the way, and then run onto the lake. Head northeast across the water until you find a small bay and a fisherman waiting on the shore. Get onto the shore to recharge your Chakra.

3. Run directly east until you hit a dead end. Turn north and follow the passages until you discover a secret gate. Enter the gate to get onto the railed walkway adjacent to the Hokage mansion.

4. Follow the walkway until you’re immediately next to the Hokage mansion‘s roof. Jump onto the railing, and then immediately jump onto the roof. Run up the roof until you reach the summit, where you’ll get an achievement.

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