Get Past The Tank In “Uncharted 2”

Chapter 20 in “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,” titled “Cat and Mouse,” has the player chased by a tank across rooftops and through the streets of a Tibetan town. Do not try and fight the tank until you reach the end of the section because you will not be adequately equipped until that point. To get past the tank, you must move between pieces of cover in the areas where it chases you. Move quickly to avoid its weapons and you will eventually be able to confront and destroy it.


1. Run forward and stick to the right side. Kill the few guards in the area if you encounter them, then continue forward, up the stairs. Crouch behind the stone wall while Tamzin opens the locked door. Go through the door when it is open and restock on supplies inside.

2. Vault over the wall where the window is and then run forward through the tunnel. Kill the guard at the end of the tunnel and then head left, up the stairs and kill the guard here.

3. Take cover against the wall and kill the three enemies on the rooftop. Follow Tamzin over the tall wall and follow the wooden path around to the open compound.

4. Take cover as soon as you see the tank appear in this area. Quickly move between pieces of cover when the tank is not shooting in your direction. Follow Tamzin through the street area to an area with supplies.

5. Continue down the street and take cover as necessary to avoid the tank. Kill any enemies that get in your way, but do not stay in one spot for too long. Turn left as soon as you can and go up the stairs to the balcony and the red bridge.

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6. Run toward the camera when the bridge is destroyed and jump through the window at the end of the ledge. Climb the ladder in this room and jump through the gaps in the wall between buildings. Kill all enemies you encounter along the way. Approach the wood that blocks your exit and press the “Triangle” button repeatedly when the game prompts you.

7. Jump through the exit you just cleared and swing from the pipe to the wall. Vault over the wall and then jump to the window ledge and pull yourself up.

8. Follow the path forward and stick to the right side. Kill all enemies along the way. Jump down the snow-covered platforms when you reach them.

9. Follow the snowy patch around the cliff until it narrows to a thin ledge. Press up against the wall next to the ledge and continue to move right to shimmy along. Climb up onto the platform when it is wide enough to accommodate you. Jump across the rooftops ahead and then climb up through the gap in the fence.

10. Run away from the tank, around the corner to the left and up the stairs to meet Tamzin. Follow him into the building and take out the enemy inside.

11. Head through the back door and kill the enemy out here. Climb up the ladder to the roof and kill the guard at the top. Take his RPG and then jump off the roof to the left.

12. Enter the building, exit through the backdoor and then go up the stairs to the roof. Kill all enemies along the way. Jump across the rooftops and follow them until you reach a narrow corridor. Climb the ladder at the end.

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13. Turn around when you reach the top of the ladder and jump up to the roof above. Take cover behind the wall here and shoot the snipers in the building opposite. Move left when they are dead and go to the zip-line in the corner.

14. Press “Triangle” when the prompt appears to travel down the zip-line into the building you just cleared. Kill any enemies remaining and then collect the RPGs in the area. Shoot the tank four times with the RPGs.