Get Protodrakes

Get Proto-Drakes

A proto-drake is a dragon-like creature that players can use as a flying mount in the online role-playing game “World of Warcraft.” Players must be at least level 70 and have a riding skill of level 300 before they can ride the proto-drake. Proto-drakes come in a variety of colors, each a reward earned for completing a specific set of tasks or found as a random drop from a specific enemy. Because proto-drakes are more difficult to obtain than a regular game mount, they are a sign of achievement for the player.


1. Travel to Utgarde Pinnacle and defeat Skadi the Ruthless in heroic mode. Skadi is a level 80 elite boss enemy located inside of Utgarde Keep, so you need a group to defeat him. A very small chance exists that he will drop the “Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake” upon defeat.

2. Purchase the “Mysterious Egg” item from Geen, the Oracles Quartermaster located in the Sholazar Basin. You must have achieved Revered reputation with the Oracles faction to buy from Geen. A small chance exists that a green proto-drake can hatch from the egg.

3. Travel to Storm Peaks and defeat the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. This is a level 80 rare elite creature, requiring a group to defeat it. A chance exists that you will receive the item “Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake” after defeating it.

4. Complete achievements in Northrend, a level 68 to 80 quest area included in the “Wrath of the Lich King” expansion pack for “World of Warcraft.” If you complete all Heroic level achievements in Northrend, you receive the red proto-drake as a reward. If you complete all raid achievements in Northred on normal difficulty, you receive the plagued proto-drake as a reward. If you complete all raid achievement on heroic difficulty, you receive a black proto-drake.

5. Complete raid achievements in Ulduar, a dungeon located at the Storm Peaks. If you complete all raid achievements at normal difficulty, you earn the rusted proto-drake mount. If you complete all raid achievements a heroic difficulty, you receive the iron-bound proto-drake as a reward.

6. Complete all world event achievements in the game to earn the violet proto-drake.