Get Rid Of Fear

Get Rid of Fear

There is a technique used in neural-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy that can help you overcome a phobia. It is called ‘Palm Therapy’ and works on a principle put forth by Dr. Moshe Zwang. It will help your brain re-program its fear response. This is how it works.


1. Get in touch with a fear or phobia you really want to get rid of.

2. Think about how much you want to remove that fear and as you do, look at your left hand, palm open.

3. There are a number of lines on your hand frequently used by palm readers. The one that runs across the palm but is the closest to the fingers is called the ‘heart line’. The one that runs right across the center of the palm starting between thumb and index finger is the ‘head line‘.

4. Now find the spot on your heart line that is directly underneath the separation between your little finger and your ring finger. Sometimes it can be a little sensitive if you press on it.

5. Then you want to locate the point on your head line between the index and middle fingers. Avoid the connection to the life line (the line that circles the base of the thumb area) should your head line and life line join at that point. This too, might be a little sore to pressure.

6. You can do this by yourself, or you can have someone help you.

7. Ask yourself or the person helping you if you really do want to get rid of this fear. You need to be able to honestly WANT to be rid of the phobia or this technique won’t work. If you are unsure, wait until you are clear and determined. If you really do want it gone, answer “yes” from the heart.

8. Now you will want to re-live the feeling of the fear. So close your eyes and put yourself in a situation so you can visualize, maybe even hear and smell what upsets you. Do it until you have a very strong feeling even if it is scary. Think about how it makes you feel. You might even try to describe to yourself your physical reactions or where in your body the impact is strongest.

9. Now either you or your helper can press firmly on the heart line and head line pressure points for at least 10 seconds keeping your eyes closed. Open your eyes but continue pressing.

10. Keep the pressure on for about 2 minutes. During this time have your helper lead you into some really good memories, or think of something that brings up pleasant feelings by yourself. You can ask yourself questions like “what’s your favorite thing to do?” or “when can you last remember having a wonderful time?” or “what was one of the happiest days of your life”, etc.

11. Now let go of the two points being pressed. There is a very good chance you have actually re-programmed your reactions and will find the fear has lessened or vanished completely! If the phobia ever starts to come back, you can do this simple procedure again. It is really astonishing how often this really does work! Try it. You’ve nothing to loose but an unwanted phobia. And most of us have acquired at least one!