Get Rust Out Of A Gun Barrel

Proper maintenance for the barrel interior is critical for a smooth and accurate shot.

All weapons require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal operation. This maintenance routine includes removing powder residue from the action and barrel. A weapon can become corroded with rust because of exposure to water; fluctuations of heat and cold may also cause condensation in the barrel. A rusty gun barrel can ruin the performance of the weapon and render it unsafe to fire.


1. Unload the weapon completely. Visually inspect the weapon to ensure no ammunition is present.

2. Inspect the barrel. Look for any rust pits on the outside or inside of the barrel. Note the areas to target for scrubbing.

3. Place a few drops of gun cleaner/rust remover onto the nylon-bristle brush. Scrub the rusted area of the outer barrel vigorously until the rust starts to break up. Reapply gun cleaner/rust remover as needed until the rust is gone.

4. Attach a metal mesh-tip to your cleaning rod. Place a few drops of gun cleaner/rust remover onto the tip. Insert the cleaning rod into the barrel and move it in and out vigorously. Inspect the barrel after every 20 strokes to ensure that the rust is coming off.

5. Attach a cleaning patch to your cleaning rod. Wet the patch with gun cleaner/rust remover. Repeat the plunging action to the barrel with the cleaning rod. Replace cleaning patches as needed until the patch is no longer dirty after plunging the barrel. Wipe all cleaning-solution residue free from the weapon with a soft cloth.

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