Get Stealth Camo In “Metal Gear Solid 3”

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was released for the PlayStation 2 console in early 2005. The game is filled with dozens of secret items and modes that you can unlock by performing certain feats. Stealth camouflage is an item in the game that makes your character invisible to enemies. There are two ways to obtain stealth camouflage in Metal Gear Solid 3, both of which take some time and perseverance.


1. Track down and activate all of the 64 Kerotan frogs. Kerotan frogs are small green frogs that are scattered throughout the game in various locations. The frogs don’t move, and are activated when jostled or shot. You will know that they have been activated when they jump and make a noise. An “Item Unlocked” message will pop up when you’ve activated all of them.

2. Clear through the entire game without sounding any red alerts. This is the alternative way of obtaining stealth camouflage, if you have trouble finding all the Kerotan frogs. There are a number of unavoidable low-level yellow and orange alerts that will be sounded as you progress through the game, but you cannot sound any red alerts if you want to get the camouflage. An “Item Unlocked” message will pop up when you’ve successfully cleared the game without tripping any red alerts.

3. Start a new game using the same save file. The stealth camouflage will appear as an item in your backpack. Equip it by putting it into your item slot. If you want to remove the camouflage at any point, just take it out of the item slot.

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