Get The Terrorist Gun In “Metal Gear Solid 2”

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty,” developed for the PlayStation 2 by Konami in 2001, is an action game that focuses on stealth and cunning. In “Metal Gear Solid 2,” you must sneak around an offshore facility and fight off the terrorist group, The Sons of Liberty. At one point in the game, you gather together a disguise so you can impersonate one of the terrorists and you must use the terrorists’ weapon of choice as well, the AK rifle. The AK is found in Strut F, the warehouse.


1. Exit Strut E, the heliport after receiving the new battle dress uniform, or BDU, from the ninja, Mr. X, and head through the parcel room to strut F, the warehouse.

2. Enter the warehouse and go downstairs right away. Take out the guard who is patrolling the area and drag his body into the cargo room, which is behind the level 2 doors that he is guarding.

3. Grab the AK that is in the northwest corner of the cargo room where you are hiding the body. This is the last piece of your disguise that you need. Remember that the disguise will only work while you are in the core.

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