Get Upgraded Weapons In “Resistance Retribution”

You play as James Grayson in “Resistance: Retribution” for the Sony PSP. Grayson undergoes a mission to destroy all of the Chimeran conversion centers that change humans into alien creatures. Eventually, Grayson heads to Europe to join a resistance force. Set shortly after the events of the Sony PlayStation 3 game, “Resistance: Fall of Man,” this 2009 title tasks you with collecting numerous intel items to unlock upgraded weaponry. The intel is found in small yellow envelopes, with different designs based on the category of the intel. Some are easy to find, but others are well hidden.


1. Find all 19 pieces of Retribution intel and you unlock the Longbow 1S-1K. The first piece is in the first area of the Rotterdam chapter. Look in the corner after you push down a cabinet and follow Bouchard down a staircase.

2. Collect all 20 of Cloven Lore intel to use the XR-004 Allure. Get a well hidden piece of this intel by opening a hole with a switch in the second area of Chrysalis Lair. Dive into the icy water and search behind rocky columns.

3. Earn Plasma Grenades after uncovering all 19 Secrets of the Maquis intel items. When you begin the second area of Bonn turn around and hit a switch to operate a lift. Ride it up to find a piece of this intel.

4. Get all 67 pieces of hidden intel in the game to unlock the HE .44 Magnum. This number includes nine pieces of Training intel that you will automatically get as you progress through the game.