Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

Finding a gift for a teen boy is sometimes a challange.

Purchasing a gift for a teen boy can be a daunting task. There are few items available for teens that are inexpensive or guaranteed that the teen will enjoy. However, with a little research, it is possible to find multiple gifts that any boy will take pleasure in. There are gift options for teen boys to fit every budget and taste.

Paintball or Airsoft

One of the most popular activities among teenage boys is paintball or airsoft parties. Paintball and airsoft games require a wealth of accessories and supplies. Every match, players use padding, helmets, camouflage and paintballs. It is easy to deplete these supplies. A gift of CO2, paintballs, paintball clothing or other accessories enables the teenage boy to play his favorite game more frequently.

Video Games or Magazines

Most teenage boys also play a great deal of video and computer games. If you are unsure of what game to get, ask the boy what games he likes or ask a sales associate about the top video games of the year. A video game typically provides about 50 or 60 hours of playtime, providing good value for the money. A subscription to a video game magazine also is a good option and provides information about upcoming games.


There are hundreds of gadgets teen boys love that also make great gifts. Electronic items such as ipods, unusual watches, paperless tablets, mini projectors, laptop accessories and other music players or editors will please many teen boys. Other decorative or unusual gadgets and accessories also make great gifts. Shirts with clever sayings, Lego architect sets, tabletop aquariums or terrariums, metal water bottles, sports-themed decorations or accessories, flash drives and almost any other unusual gadget will generally please a teen boy.


Money is the ultimate gift for a teen boy. Although it is not very exciting or fun to wrap, money is a necessity for any teen. Money allows the boy to purchase whatever he wishes or needs, or he can save it for future expenses such as trips and college.

Car Items

A driving teen will appreciate gifts that are car oriented. Floor mats, steering wheel covers, wax and wash for the car, key rings, seat covers, gas gift cards and almost any other car accessory will thrill the driving teen boy.