Gifts For Men Under 30

Buy him something he’s been searching for to wow him.

Men under 30 have a wide variety of interests, making the age group relatively easy to purchase gifts for. He might have specific hobbies or interests you can cater to. He might want to try something new but hasn’t had the time to set it up himself. Listen to what he talks about to learn what would make an ideal gift to him.

A Night Out

For a man under 30, a night out is a memorable gift especially if you join him. Ideas include poker night, dinner, a concert or theater performance or a comedy club. Either call ahead and make the arrangements or purchase gift cards and let him choose when he wants to go. Book a paintball tournament for him and a group of friends for a gift the guys will be talking about for years to come.

Hobbies or Work Items

Each man is different, but men under 30 tend to have time for hobbies. If this is the case you can find a wealth of gift ideas to enhance his hobby. An artist would love to receive blank canvases or expensive brushes. A guitar player would be thankful for a new strap or any number of accessories. Men under 30 are making headway in their careers and might enjoy receiving gifts related to their trade, such as a leather portfolio, engraved business card holders or nameplates or expensive gloves.


Media gifts are perfect for any man under 30. Choose from DVDs, CDs, books and video games. Purchase him a season of his favorite television series. Personalize the gift by choosing something meaningful. For instance if you went to see a band together, purchase a CD from the band. The same thing goes with a movie, you don’t have to get the exact movie you went to see but if you know he likes certain directors or actors, find something else they have done.

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Men under 30 don’t always like to shop for clothing and accessories for themselves, making it the perfect opportunity for gift giving. Find nice things they wouldn’t ordinarily splurge on. A special necktie, a watch, a sweater, cuff links or some expensive button-up shirts all make for thoughtful gifts. Choose colors and materials you know they already like and give them a gift they will get good use out of.

Personalized Items

Laser engraving turns any gift into a personal one for a man under 30. Choose from leather wallets, flasks, beer mugs and multi-tools, among other things. Personalize them with either the recipient’s name or a special phrase or quote to add meaning to the gift.