Glock Ram Marker Work

Glock Real Action Markers (RAMs) are highly realistic paintball guns designed for law enforcement and military training as well as traditional paintball games. The guns are designed to feel and operate like real weapons, bringing an element of realism into training.


Based on the Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol, the RAP17 incorporates metal and polymer plastic to give the user the same shooting experience as the real thing. In the interest of safety, the RAP17’s barrel has an orange end to differentiate it from real Glock pistols.


The RAP17 fires .43-inch paintballs using CO2 cartridges as a propellant. The CO2 also slides back to allow the shooter to reload the pistol and provides the feeling of a pistol kick.

Pistol Operation

The shooter magazine feeds and loads the RAP17 in exactly the same way as a Glock 17 pistol. The pistol has an effective range of approximately 65 feet and fires approximately 30 paintballs per CO2 cartridge.