Glue Egg Crate Foam In My Gun Case

Add extra cushion to your gun case with egg crate foam.

Egg crate foam is an effective cushion to use in your gun case as it helps absorb and distribute shock evenly over the surface when placing a gun for storage. Whether you are replacing worn egg crate foam or placing foam in your gun case for the first time, the method is the same. Use high-quality foam that will compress around your gun, and not leave a void for your gun or guns to slide into each other and perhaps cause damage.


1. Use a stiff, metal scraper to remove any glue, foam or debris from the inside of the case.

2. Measure the inside of the case and cut two pieces of egg crate foam to the proper measurements with a utility knife.

3. Spray an even layer of adhesive into the case and allow it to sit for 15 to 20 seconds. Press the foam, smooth side down, firmly into the case. Allow the doors of the gun case to sit open for 30 minutes to an hour to enable the adhesive to properly dry.