Go Rabbiting With Air Guns

Rabbit hunting is especially popular in the United Kingdom.

Rabbit hunting could require you to wait a while while the rabbit enters or exits her hole. Wear weather-appropriate clothes and take a thermos of coffee or water, depending on the time of season. When hunting rabbit or other game with an air gun, it is easy to injure rather than killing the animal. By practicing your air-gun skills beforehand, you can avoid unnecessary harm to the rabbit. You should also know the proper cleaning and cooking techniques, or know someone who does, before you make a kill.


1. Find a rabbit hole. These are usually found in fields, but they are also in woods. Lay down around 20 to 30 yards from your target rabbit hole.

2. Wait until a rabbit pops out of the hole. Study it closely with your sights for one minute. Rabbits usually stay around their hole for a while until they feel secure. You want to wait until he moves away from his hole.

3. Be still. The rabbit is listening and smelling very cautiously as she decides whether to move away from the security of her hole. Aim your sight just behind the eye and immediately in front of the base of her ear. A body shot with an air gun would likely only wound and cause her needless pain and suffering. Between the eye and the ear is the rabbit skull’s weakest point.

4. Ensure the rabbit is more than two yards away from her hole. Otherwise, she could jump down there very quickly if you miss and you won’t have another opportunity for the day. Count to 10 seconds in preparation for your shot. Relax.

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5. Pull the trigger. Walk up to the dead rabbit. Observe for a few seconds. If there is any movement, shoot her point blank in her head. You can also hold her by her back legs and break her neck by chopping the base of her skull with a karate chop (the pinkie side of your hand).