Good Ideas For Teenage Birthday Presents

Bring her to the spa for an afternoon of pampering.

Give a gift that recognizes the teen’s status as a maturing youth on the way to becoming a young adult. Most teenagers have abandoned their childish hobbies and activities and have begun to develop an interest in a broad range of maturing areas. Use these new interests to find a gift that will bring a smile to his face and make him feel like the young adult he is striving to become.

For Girls

For the teenage girl that places a strong emphasis on her looks, go with a spa treatment to pamper her with a minifacial, manicure and pedicure. If a day at the spa is not possible due to location or time constraints, many spa companies offer a mobile service that will bring the services to the home. Beauty products are also an option and can include supplies for home manicures, pedicures and a variety of cosmetics. A twist on this idea is to make beauty products, such as herbal shampoo and conditioner or facial masks at home and offer a gift of all-natural products.

For Boys

Paintball gear is a great gift that can be used repeatedly and used as an excellent form of exercise. Many paintball facilities sell the gear, ranging from camouflage clothing to long-range paintball rifles, and allow use of privately owned gear as long as it meets safety protocols. Add a free pass to the paintball facility, and he can play a game with friends where he hunts and is hunted all in friendly fun. An alternative to this gift is laser tag gear, including outfits and laser guns. This provides the ability to play at some laser tag facilities and at home with friends.

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For Fun

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so give the gift of laughter with a humorous gift. Spice up the bathroom with a shower gel dispenser that is shaped like a giant nose complete with green gel. Pressing the nose will release the gel. For candy lovers, the world’s largest gummy bear is something they will not want to snuggle. Weighing in at about five pounds and over 10 inches tall, this gummy bear packs a serious roar. The gummy bear comes in a variety of flavors.

Gift Certificates

It is not always easy to figure out what a teenager wants, and no one wants to give a lame gift. For a gift idea that is sure to please, go with a gift certificate and allow her to pick the perfect gift on her own. Options include a gift certificate to her favorite store or a mall gift certificate that is valid at any store in the mall. To open the doors to shopping at almost any location, including online, a prepaid credit card provides the most flexible shopping options.