Grip A Handgun

On television shows, shooting a gun looks so easy. The detective grabs his handgun while he is running over roof tops, and begins firing away at the bad guys. In real life it, is true that firing a handgun is not difficult. However, in order to learn fire a gun accurately and safely, in a variety of situations, a shooter must first learn properly grip a handgun. A proper grip helps eliminate off-target shots and accidental shootings.


Grip a Handgun

1. Steady your mind. It may sound odd when I tell you that the first step in gripping a handgun properly is to steady your mind, but it is true. You need to establish a relationship with the handgun. If you fear it and allow that fear to effect how you handle the weapon, you will put yourself and innocent bystanders in danger. Beginner’s nerves are common, but needs to be held in check. You should be in control of the handgun at all times.

2. Grip the butt (handle) of the handgun firmly with your right hand. The right hand should be clutching the top part of the handle. The thumb of your right hand should be on the left side of the handle. The rest of your fingers should be wrapped around the right side of the handle. Your left hand should grip the gun handle from the left side, and slightly below the right hand. Until you are ready to shoot, your trigger finger should either be wrapped around the handle or be resting along the outside of the trigger guard, not on the trigger. The gun should be pointed downward until you are ready to aim at the target.

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3. Retain a firm grip on the handgun when you are moving into the shooting position. When you are ready to shoot the target, your arms should be extended with elbows slightly loose to absorb some of the recoil and with the gun straight in front of you. Your trigger finger should move to the trigger. Tighten your grip slightly as you pull the trigger.Recoil will make the entire gun move backwards and the barrel will move up. The degree of recoil varies significantly between handgun models. In some handguns, recoil may be barely perceptible. In other handguns, recoil can be so strong that the unsuspecting shooter may lose control of the weapon. A firm grip helps prevent loss of control over the handgun during recoil.