Gun Games To Play On The Wii

The Wii Zapper is an accessory for the Nintendo Wii console that allows players to hold their Wii remote like a gun to blast items or enemies on the screen. Most gun games also allow players to simply hold their Wii remote in normal fashion to shoot at the screen. There are several popular choices for shooting games to play on the Wii.

“Link’s Crossbow Training”

Technically not a “gun” game, the principle here is the same. You fire Link’s crossbow at targets, and the more you hit, the higher you score. The levels, which return players to many of the same environments found in the “Legend of Zelda” series, offer a variety of gameplay.

“Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles”

This game allows players to return to the world of the undead in “Resident Evil.” You shoot at zombies and other mutant enemies as you are taken through locations from prior games. The game is what is known as an “on rails” shooter, in that you move through different locations, but have no control over the movement. Instead, you fire at targets as the game scrolls automatically.

“House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return”

These original arcade shooters come packaged together in a single Wii disc. You again battle zombies, but this time you get six different gameplay modes, including time attack and arcade mode. Two players can play cooperatively.

“Ultimate Duck Hunting”

This hunting game includes brand name guns, camo and decoys you can unlock with high scores. You can hunt ducks with your Wii Zapper in a variety of environments.

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“Call of Duty: World at War”

This game continues the popular “Call of Duty” series. You control American and Russian soldiers fighting on the Pacific front against Japanese and German forces. The Wii verson allows players to use the Wii Zapper to fire at targets to earn marksmanship scores.