Gun Safety Laws For Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania gun laws require only age and licensure.

Pennsylvania gun laws endeavor to make it easier for legal and honest citizens to acquire firearms, while making it difficult for unlawful or dishonest people to do the same. Guns are allowed to be carried throughout the state, including the city of Philadelphia, by anyone of legal age and licensure.


According to Pennsylvania firearm laws, 18 is the minimum age to possess a gun. The only exceptions to this rule are if a minor is under the direct supervision of a family member, legal guardian or other adult who has permission from the child’s parents or legal guardian to oversee the minor’s firearm handling. The minor must be involved in a lawful activity such as hunting or legal target practice.

Concealed Guns

In order to carry a concealed gun in Pennsylvania, a state license to carry firearms is required. This is required in order to transport any guns through Pennsylvania in any vehicle. In order to obtain a License to Carry Firearms (LTCF), a rigorous background check for such felonies as domestic abuse. LTCFs are valid for five years, at which point they must be reinstated.


When one gains the legal ability to carry and/or use a firearm in the state of Pennsylvania, some states reciprocate the Pennsylvania recognition, including Alaska, Florida and Missouri. Other states, such as Maine and Washington, require Pennsylvanian citizens to apply for a separate gun license. Some states, including Virginia, Nevada and Rhode Island, neither recognize nor grant gun licenses to anyone outside of state citizenship.

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It is, in fact, illegal for Pennsylvanian government or police agencies to keep a registry of firearms. The only exception is the Pennsylvania State Police, which keeps records of all handguns purchased within the state—though this does not register anyone bringing in handguns from out of state.