Gun Shooting Games

Many video games challenge players to use a gun accurately.

Across many different gaming genres, guns are often used as weapons to dispatch enemies. Whether playing a war simulation, role playing game, or adventure game, shooting is often an important skill to have in video games. Players must be both quick and accurate with guns in order to succeed. Gamers who enjoy games featuring guns can find titles on virtually any console and computer game players have plenty of options as well.

“Mass Effect 2”

Electronic Arts released “Mass Effect 2” for PC and Xbox 360 gamers in January 2010. “Mass Effect 2″ takes place in outer space in the future. The main character, Shepard, is sent out on a series of missions to find out what is happening to large groups of humans that are going missing. To help in the cause, Shepard must also find capable soldiers to join his side. Players are given several guns to choose from in order to fend off opponents.

“Medal of Honor Allied Assault”

Electronic Arts released “Medal of Honor Allied Assault” for PC and Mac computers in January 2002. In “Allied Assault”, players must complete missions and objectives as a World War II soldier in the Allied forces. Players must master shooting multiple types of World War II-era guns to eliminate opponents. All events in “Allied Assault” are seen from the main character’s point of view, and there are cinematic scenes to fill gamers in on plot developments.

“Perfect Dark”

Nintendo released the shooting game “Perfect Dark” exclusively for the Nintendo 64 console in May 2000. The main character in “Perfect Dark” is a government agent named Joanna Dark. Dark must help a group of aliens in their battle against a rival group and the corporation backing them. Players are given multiple missions in different locations, and objectives must be met to pass each one. To take down enemies, players must learn to be proficient with a number of different guns.

“Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games released “Red Dead Redemption” for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2010. “Red Dead Redemption” is unique in that it takes place in the Wild West. Players partake in the action as a cowboy named John Marston who heads to a new town. Marston must help strangers, complete missions, and win gun shooting duels. “Red Dead Redemption” features many weapons from the game’s time period, including shotguns and lassos. As players progress in the game, they gain fame while also gaining or losing points of honor depending on the nature of their actions.