Gun Shops Near Chicago

Guns can be purchased safely and legally at many shops outside Chicago area

Although the city of Chicago has strict gun-owning laws, the surrounding suburbs adhere to the more lenient Illinois state gun regulations. In fact, there are numerous gun shops near the metropolis where customers can purchase anything from pistols to hunting rifles. Some of the shops even double as shooting ranges.

Illinois Gun Works

Illinois Gun Works, located in the northwestern Chicago suburb of Elmwood Park, caters to the needs of most gun owners, both amateur and experienced. The shop sells an array of handguns and rifles, a number of which are designed for the popular local sport of duck hunting. Also for sale are a variety of replacement parts, as well as a large collection of knives and other basic hunting accessories. Illinois Gun Works not only has its own indoor gun range where customers can try out their new purchases, but also offers a variety of training classes, such as basic shooter familiarization for newcomers and individual markmanship training for the more experienced gun owners.

Illinois Gun Works

7229 West Grand Avenue

Elmwood Park, IL 60707


Chuck’s Gun Shop & Pistol Range

In the town of Riverdale, south of Chicago and not far from the Indiana border, Chuck’s Gun Shop & Pistol Range offers an assortment of firearms to local shoppers. The variety of guns sold there includes pistols, rifles and even shotguns, which the shop both sells and rents. Chuck’s also repairs guns for current customers and will purchase your old guns, which they fix up and resell in their secondhand weapons section. Open every day but Sunday, Chuck’s also includes an indoor shooting range where customers can test out their firearms.

Chuck’s Gun Shop & Pistol Range

14310 S Indiana Ave

Riverdale, IL 60827


Shore Galleries

Shore Galleries, Inc, located in the town of Lincolnwood, directly north of Chicago, is a family-owned business that has been in operation since the 1950s. It stocks such major brands as Beretta, Colt and Smith & Wesson, which are complemented by the store’s extensive in-house collection of ammunition. Shore Galleries also appraises and cleans guns and gives customers the option to place pre-owned firearms on consignment, as long they meet the appraisal value of $125 or higher. Shore Galleries gift certificates are available, as well, and can be redeemed either in the store or through their online shop.

Shore Galleries, Inc

3318 West Devon Ave

Lincolnwood, IL 60712


Midwest Guns & Pistol Range

Midwest Guns & Pistol Range, situated in Lyon, Illinois, is one of Chicago’s westernmost suburbs. With its large variety of guns, the store is geared to hunting of all sorts, which is why it offers non-firearm fishing equipment as well. Among the various firing weapons available are pistols, target rifles, pump-action shotguns and even semi-automatics. Like many of the area gun shops, Midwest also includes two shooting ranges, one public and one private, where customers can avail themselves of not only firearms, ammo and targets but an array of training courses for honing their skills.

Midwest Guns & Pistol Range

8565 Plainfield Road

Lyons, IL 60534