Gun Shops Near Oak Brook Illinois

Any adult without a criminal record can buy guns in Illinois.

The town of Oak Brook is a suburb of the city of Chicago. Part of the town falls under the jurisdiction of Dupage County, and the rest is in Cook County. Officially incorporated in 1958, Oak Brook is primarily known as the headquarters of the McDonald’s fast food franchise. Like any other city in Illinois, Oak Brook has licensed gun dealers who sell handguns and rifles to citizens who meet the legal requirements to own a firearm.

Rinks Gun and Sport

A short drive from Oak Brook is the town of Lockport, where any of the locals can point you to a gun store called Rinks Gun and Sport. If you’re looking for a modern, well-lit, commercial gun shop, Rinks will not be what you expect. This is an old style, privately owned gun shop, located in an older building. Rinks customers like the atmosphere, and they love the indoor gun range, which makes year-round shooting an enjoyable and comfortable activity. The gun range provides a great way to try a firearm before you buy it.

Rinks Gun and Sport

14363 Archer Ave.

Lockport, IL 60441


Illinois Gun Works

Illinois Gun Works is no ordinary gun shop. Situated near Oak Brook in the suburb of Elmwood Park, Illinois Gun Works is a full-service gun dealership. In addition to buying and selling a large assortment of firearms, the shop employs an on-site gunsmith who can customize any firearm, as well as make repairs to damaged guns. The gun shop also features an indoor shooting range where the public can participate in firearm safety courses or practice shooting.

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Illinois Gun Works

7229 W. Grand Ave.

Elmwood Park, IL 60707


G.A.T. Guns

Also situated in the northern suburbs of Chicago, G.A.T. Guns is in Dundee, which is just a short drive from Oak Brook. G.A.T. prides itself in offering firearms that other gun dealers may not have, including an assortment of fully automatic weapons. The shop carries a large inventory of new and used guns, as well as powder and ammunition. There are even a number of air rifles to choose from. Like other vendors in the Oak Brook area, G.A.T. also includes an indoor shooting range that will allow you to practice and refine your skills.

G.A.T. Guns

14N915 Route 25

Dundee, IL 60118