Gunbased Activities In Chicago

Chicago is a city that’s very well known for the strict gun control regulations that residents have to follow in order to own firearms. However, there are still activities that have guns as their central theme in the city. Some of them are for gun enthusiasts, but others are of a more political nature.

Gun Shows

While not as common as in other areas of Illinois, Chicago does have gun shows. These events are typically geared toward historical learning rather than the buying and selling of firearms. If you intend to be able to purchase a firearm at one of these shows you will need to have all necessary identification as well as your FOID (firearm owner identification) card to prove that you can place the order. All Chicago laws will apply.


While not technically a firearm-central activity, paintball is a sport that’s allowed in the city of Chicago as long as you are in an acceptable venue. Similar activities, such as Airsoft and laser tag are also options for those looking for a safe gun-simulation activity.

Gun Turn In

There are programs across the city of Chicago that allow people to turn in guns with no questions asked. As an incentive, pre-paid credit cards are given to people who turn in guns to these programs, with the most money offered for assault weapons. This is one way the city collects unwanted or illegal guns and keeps them off the streets.

Shooting Ranges

There are a variety of gun ranges in the Chicago area. If you legally own a firearm and want to take it to shoot then you can contact any of the local gun ranges. For instance, the Midwest Gun Range in Lyons, Illinois ( or the Illinois Gun Works shop and range in Elmwood Park ( offers a range that you can purchase use-time on. Appointments and payment of fees must be made in advance.